Lectionary Year B
October 12, 2003
Mark 10:17-31

Step II: Disposition

A. Genre

(JFC) This pericope narrates a confrontation of an unidentified man facing Jesus and asking for some clarification, re: what he must do to gain/earn(?) eternal life. Jesus turns the event into a teaching moment, re: the Ten Commandments. Then Jesus adds more needed for entering eternity than the mere obedience of the Decalogue. This story describes the man's feelings of distress/sadness/grief that he would/could not follow Jesus' statement, re: sacrificing possessions for inheriting eternity, due to his wealth. Then Jesus turns the occasion into a teaching lesson for the disciples, re: the challenge for rich peoples' getting on toward entrance into the kingdom of God. Next Jesus teaches them, re: rewards, re: the sacrificing He expects.

B. Personal Interaction

(JFC) First, we wonder if the expressions of the man's reaction to Jesus' answer is accurate. Then, are the disciples' responses correctly reported? Next, was Peter telling the unquestionable truth by his claim to have left all to follow Jesus? Also, is "being saved" the same as "inheriting eternal life" and "entering the Kingdom of God"? And, does Jesus' addition of the phrase, "with persecution" seem too subtle to make adequate impact on the twelve? Then, too, what about the "first shall be last", etc.?

C. Organization

(JFC) The man's reaction to Jesus' answer to his question comes in verse 22. Verses 24 and 26 record the disciples' responses to Jesus' teaching(s) to them. Verse 26b mentions "being saved" in context with "inheriting eternal life" (verse 17d) and "entering God's Kingdom", too (verse 25). The 28th verse tells of Peter's claim of total sacrifice to follow. Jesus' addition of the words, "with persecution" comes in verse 30. The final verse in this lection, (31), records Jesus' using the saying, re: "the first being last", etc.

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